It’s Been 5 Years

31 Aug , 2015  

Anya Vocal & Guitar recitals

Hi Everyone !

It’s been 5 years since I “ gave birth” and launched my “ baby”, Parentin.tv .

And it.’s been 2 years since we last updated the site. I know I know, Parenthood can be daunting. The admin panel and yours truly got busy with our parenting lives that we didn’t get to upload new stuff for the site.

I have been busy being a mompreneur too. For two years now, under my company CBB Foods, I have been distributing Pinoy Food Items at Echostores , Epicurious restaurant, and lately Dekada Restaurants. Soon, the PInoy Goods will be available in Metro Gaisano Supermarkets.

In September 2014 I wrote and launched my 6th children’s book, SuperheroNio which also happens to be my first venture into self-publishing under CBB Books. I have been busy too touring the book.

This year, I decided to take a leap of faith by wearing another cap : that of a TV show producer. I am blocktime producer of my dream show, Moneywise. It’s a Financial Literacy show which aims to help Pinoys here and abroad on how to Create, Grow and Protect their hardearned money. Moneywise is my co-prod venture with renowned and muti-awarded Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan, also my co-host for the said show . It’s all weeks of sales meetings with clients, brainstorming, pre-production meets and networking.

Now that I am in between shows, I have more time to be active again in updating Parentin.TV.

My two kids are now 10 and 5 years of age. Antonia, my first born is in Grade 6 and so tall at 5’3’ and wears size 8 shoes. My precocious boy, Antonio “ Nio” is a ball of energy ! always with plenty of questions, and such a talker too ! It’s such a joy being a mom to Anya and Nio. I am just so glad that I work from home most of the time, and I can see their milestones, especially with my 5 year old who goes to school at lunchtime so I have all the time with him in the morning. My Anya is in school early at 730am, so I get to bond with her when she comes home from school. She is a music lover – she had her first guitar and vocal recitals this Summer and she surprised me with her talent – and she was so cool and composed onstage- like a pro ! let me share with you one thing : Music helps Anya a lot in her studies, as it serves to motivate her and helps her become more focused . Lately, her exams and quizzes are either perfect score or one mistake. And this, despite seeing her wearing her music earphones most of the time in the home. Clearly this shows that , different folks, different strokes. Anya found her best method of being motivated in her studies, and me as the mom, will be here to support her.

That’ s all for now.

I shall keep in touch again my fellow parents !

babao family2 babao family IMG_1939

Happy Parenting,



Parentin.TV : We’re 5 !

17 Aug , 2015  

We haven’t been active for the past two years. The admins have been busy focusing on the parenting life! But we promise to be back soon!

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